[Webinar Alert] The Rise Of Employee Centric Workplace And The Fear Of Falling Behind


In an ever-changing environment that is working around the cultural revolution in the workplace, it is important now, more than ever to look into the various key factors of the employee life cycle and make the workplace an employee friendly base.  

Coming to what we mean when we speak about Employee Centricity or Employee centric workplace. The most simple explanation that can be given to employee centricity is  – creating an environment where you honor your employees, where you take care of them, so they can then take care of your customers.

Even the most advanced organizations have now come to understand that bringing in a value and sense of culture into the workspace is more complicated than thought. With three out of four employees disengaged in the workplace, organizations are now diving deep into understanding the factors that keep their human resources happy and satisfied. 

Furthermore, it is also about interpreting what the customers truly want. Which brings us to one statement,

Before you can be Customer-centric, You MUST be Employee-Centric. 

Your employees, in some way, are your internal customers. Employees had to support each other internally, in order to take care of the company’s outside customers. So, it stands to reason that your organization must be employee-centric before it can be customer-centric.

Take a look at the most admired places to work. There is a direct correlation between companies that are rated high in work environment and those that are rated high in customer satisfaction ratings. More important, this also leads to more financial success. So, which comes first, customer centricity or employee centricity? We believe you first choose to be customer-centric, but must first execute on the inside of your company and be employee-centric.

As the Human resources department, you are probably wondering –  How do you facilitate this change, what are the areas of Employee engagement that can help you map out your company’s success, most of all, is too late for you to start? 

As the old saying goes, it’s never too late to start. This webinar on “The Rise of Employee Centric Workplace and The Fear of Falling Behind” is here to help you with all of this and much more. 

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Malavika Mallya

In-House Content Marketer