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Christmas gifting for employees is something that every organisation takes into serious consideration. For HRMs and HRBPs, rewards and recognition, and employee engagement, retention, and welfare, are focus areas. Having said that, it’s during Christmas that most companies have their year-end appraisals. It’s during this time one needs to ensure maximum employee engagement.

HRs and Managers need to motivate and inspire their teams. The idea of gifting tangible gifts are a passe now. In this ever-changing market, giving non-tangible gifts have been proven to be a great way to keep employees inspired and engaged. This Christmas, instead of chocolate boxes and Christmas-related gifts, how about you gift employees something different. Let them experience what it’s to fly a microlight plane or take a tour of a beautiful vineyard.

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As an experiential expert, Giftxoxo specialises in rewards and recognition, long term service awards, employee engagement platforms, and gift vouchers.

As the holiday season is fast approaching, it means it’s time to get cracking and find some great gifts for your most valued employees and clients. Are you still thinking of flavoured chocolate boxes that you have given in tonnes to your employees? Or the dreaded Christmas cake with dry raisins? If you are, you want to avoid being the HR who sends those clichéd goodies. We have some better ideas for you this year. Experential ideas.

As with every year, this year we have come up with an extensive list of curated experiences that are specifically designed for Christmas gifting for employees, stakeholders, business clients, and channel partners.  The below infographic will you a sneak peek of what’s in store.

christmas gifting for employees infographicYou can find out more about our extensive catalogue by visiting the page and enquiring about it. If you are thinking beyond Christmas and considering New Year as well, you can read our Top 10 New Year Gift Ideas for Employees blog to get an insight into some of the best gifting ideas for the coming year. The blog also talks about the 8 reasons why experience make the best gifts.

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